Women and Handicrafts

The arts and crafts from our partner countries are beautiful and reflect their centuries-old cultural heritage. We promote the creative people behind this unique craft on various levels. Together with our long-standing partner Fair Trade Egypt, we have alphabetized women in rural areas of Egypt by means of embroidery in handicraft workshops. The topics of electoral symbolism and constitution were also integrated into the workshop concept in order to sensitize women as important key actors for the transformation in post-revolutionary Egypt. In line with this concept, a series of workshops in Tunisia in the Sousse region also combined handicraft and political education for basket weavers.

With the Allaga project, we supported young fashion designers from Cairo in founding their own fashion label of the same name and testing their independence. What makes Allaga unique is the combination of modern cuts with ancient traditional embroidery patterns, which are worked in by women craftsmen from rural regions of Egypt. Promoting the economic independence of all women - this is what Allaga focuses on.

Since 2016 we have expanded our activities to Turkey, where we offer training and further education courses for Turkish and Syrian women in arts and crafts and design with our local partners in Istanbul and Ankara. The beautiful collections of our local partner organisations Small Projects Istanbul, The Foundation for the Support of Women's Work, Harmoni Women Cooperative and Ilk Adim Cooperative were successfully sold at Bazaar Berlin in 2017 and 2018. In 2019 we are represented at the Bazaar Berlin fair with the collection of the NGO STL Global Association from Ankara. In addition to arts and crafts skills, the TAMEB project also promotes social and linguistic integration in order to make it easier for Syrian expellees to arrive in Turkey.

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