Renewable Energies

Only if all the countries of the world work together can climate change be stopped in time. We support our partner countries in developing greater awareness of this problem and promote sustainable and ecological local economies through various measures.

In 2010, the course for the "European Energy Manager - licensed for Egypt", initiated by GPP and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Nuremberg, started. It was designed in cooperation with our German and Egyptian partners. Up to 100 participants from Cairo deepened their competences in the field of energy and resource conservation and were certified as Energy Managers. They then passed on their newly acquired knowledge to their companies, which now implement energy-saving measures. The 20 trained trainers also conduct further courses beyond the project measures.

In Jordan, a workshop held in 2012 by GPP and the Amman Chamber of Industry pursued a similar goal: 60 engineers were comprehensively informed by experts on how to overcome power bottlenecks, how to design construction and production in an energy-saving manner and how to promote solar energy in Jordan.

Sustainability is also an explosive issue in the tourism sector. What does a resource-conserving hotel look like, for example? This question was asked by engineers and building managers of various hotels from all over Egypt when they took part in an advanced training course on "Energy Managers" within the framework of the transformation partnership. In exchange with German experts, the 50 participants got to know concrete energy and water-saving measures, such as the commissioning of a grey water system in hotels.

A good third of the final energy is consumed by people within their own four walls, such as hot water and electricity. Where a lot is consumed, a lot can also be saved. This is where the concept of "green building" comes in. Especially in hot countries like Egypt and Jordan, where electricity supply often reaches its limits in summer, topics such as building insulation and the expansion and maintenance of the power grid are trend-setting. In 2012, 30 Egyptian civil engineers took part in a two-week training course in Cottbuss on effective measures in the field of "Green Construction" as part of the transformation partnership. With the knowledge gained, the engineers qualified up to 1,000 additional skilled workers.

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