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Green Construction for Egypt: (2009-2011)
Public-Private-Partnership-Project (PPP)

The aim of this project is to transfer know-how in "Green Construction", to enhance the capabilities of Egyptian
engineers and architects for the use of modern technologies and the development of sustainable, energy-efficient
buildings. This is established in a first step, providing appropriate training in the field of "Green Construction" in
cooperation with local partners and institutions that can offer on the long run the training in the field of
"Green Construction" in Egypt.

Within the framework of this project, a series of workshops and other activities in Cairo and
Alexandria will take place.

Business Wimen partnership Project (2003-2011)

The German Association for Businesswomen (VdU) in cooperation with GPP is supporting in the framework of
a Partnership Project three Egyptian businesswomen associations to build up their institutional capacities.

The project goal of the 2nd main phase is: Growth processes in the businesswomen associations are enhanced
through service improvements and the co-operation between associations and businesswomen. Furthermore
the joint web portal, Businesswomen in Egypt facilitates the access to information, training and support and
fosters the developments of networks and enhanced communication among the members of the business
women associations.

Textile export workshops Egypt (2004-2006)

The Public Private Partnership project "Textile Export workshop" had the goal to increase the competitiveness
 especially of small and medium companies in the Egyptian textile industry. The project partners
 Systain Consulting, German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry and GPP have organized
 the workshop together.

The topics included "Building the value chain in textile sector", "design and development of textile products"
and "distribution channels and marketing for export to Germany and the EU". To secure a long-term 
know-how transfer additional Egyptian trainers were trained.

Upgrading the Production Process Applied to Herbal Products (Spices and Herbs) Egypt (2005)

Global Project Partners implemented the project „Upgrading the Production Process Applied to Herbal Products“
(spices and herbs) in order to modernise processing techniques, developing packing and packaging methods,
storage, presenting international quality specifications as well as introducing the preparation steps for quality
control and quality certificates of ISO and HACCP. 

The implemented activities comprised advisory services, technical training measures as well as laboratory training
in Egypt. The beneficiaries of this project were eight small and medium sized Egyptian companies
(growers, processors and exporters) working in the fields of herbal products, specifically herbs, spices and essential oils.

Egyptian Business Institutional Support (EBIS)
Partnership Program Egypt / Germany (Food Business Trade Facilitation Partnership Program) (2004-2005)

This project comprised information about marketing and distribution in Germany and the EU, packaging and German
and EU food law and the improvement of services in the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries. Two conferences which
took place in Cairo and several delegation trips of CFI staff to Germany and Brussels served for mutual exchange, a
better understanding of structures in Germany and the EU, a sustainable transfer of knowledge and increased the
staff's capabilities in areas crucial for successful work of the chamber.

The Fruit Trade Academy (Egypt) (2003-2005)

Global Project Partners (GPP) coordinated "The Fruit Trade Academy", a newly signed "Public-Private-Partnership Project".
The project aimed to develop a curriculum for Egyptian exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs, and essential
oils to Germany - the largest importer of such products in Europe - and the EU.

In the framework of the project, an online platform for packaging rules and regulations in the EU and Germany as well as
the maximum allowed pesticide residue levels was launched. The platform was developed in cooperation with the Atlanta
1x1 Company in Bremen. The platform is available in English, Spanish and French.

EXPAND: Export Promotion and Development (2001-2003)

In the framwork of EXPAND, GPP in co-operation with the Federal Association of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade (BGA)
 have launched the Online Platform "EXPAND-ONLINE" for exporters in developing countries. This online platform enables
exporters to be linked with the German trade and import associations most appropriate for their products.

With EXPAND you will find a comprehensive product index, from which you can easily contact via email all the relevant
German import and trade associations and their member companies if available.

Partnership Project with selected Syrian Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Syria (2006 - 2007)

The objective of this project was to enhance the capabilities of the Syrian partner chambers to provide demand-driven
services to their members. 

The target group of this project were small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) which should be assisted in their abilities
and potentials to create income and employment. The selected three self-governing organisations of the Syrian economy
acted as central intermediary to achieve the target group. The project activities aimed at strengthening the chambers in
their role as service provider and stakeholder to provide small and medium-sized enterprises a better and sustainable
range of services offered.



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